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Start an ecommerce website

Start selling online with an ecommerce website

How do you start selling online?

Easy with our comprehensive ecommerce website package, developed to support your business selling online. We work closely with you to create an ecommerce store exclusively for your business. Beautifully designed and optimised for mobile shopping, it is pre-loaded with all your products and information so you can start selling faster.

Once live, you can edit and update your store whenever you need to giving you the freedom and power you need to run a successful online business.


Visit our demo shop:

Online sales NZ mobile ecommerce shopping cart demo

Watch our short explainer video:


Your benefits

Unlimited opportunities
There are no limits: Unlimited products, customers and orders.

No transaction fees
You keep your revenue - we do not charge transaction fees.

Lots of free features
Use as many of the built-in fueatures as you want. We will include a long list of great ecommerce features that will help your business sell more online.

Our design team will create a beautiful looking website based on your company branding, logo and colours and other preferences.

Easy to edit
You can update your products and webpages right from our user-friendly control panel. You can add new products and prices, run campaigns, contact customers, view reports and much more. Anytime. From anywhere. For free.

Instant payment
You can accept credit card payments so orders are paid in real-time.

No contract
You pay monthly and you can cancel at any time to the end of the month that you have paid for. No risk. No liability. Simple.

Future proof
You can start small on grow big. Your webshop is built to handle thousands of products and high transaction volumes. A growing list of upgrade options ensure that you have the right solution even as your business grows.

Strong backing
Makeweb is 100% behind your business. We have years of experience in working directly with businesses of all sizes and advising on all things ecommerce. And we will use this experience to build and maintain a powerful ecommerce solution for your business.


Quick overview

  • Webshop content management
  • Website content management
  • Xero integration (Expected soon!)
  • Customer segmentation (upgrade option)
  • Hosting on our secure checkout domain
  • Hosting on your own domain (optional)
    Note: This requires dedicated SSL security certificate purchased from Makeweb to ensure traffic remains encrypted
  • GeoTrust Anti-malware scan and site seal
  • Choice between New Zealand or European based server

Shopping Cart Store Front

  • Mobile shopping optimised layout
  • Product search & browsing
  • Add to basket
  • Checkout & credit card payment
  • Customer account
  • Order history
  • Contact form

Shopping Cart Administration

  • Product catalogue management
  • Stock management
  • Campaign management
  • Customer database
  • Order database
  • Reports

Mobile optimised shopping cart

NZ mobile optimised ecommerce shopping cart

Ecommerce is so much more than online retailing

Ecommerce is not just about online web stores for consumer purchases. Ecommerce really encompasses all forms of online business.

At Makeweb we create a broad range of bespoke online commerce platforms such as:

  • Open or closed order placement platforms for contract clients;
  • Restricted-access internal distributed (cloud) order registration systems (think sales people on the road);
  • Supplier-distributor order platforms;
  • Membership signup/payment systems;
  • Charity donation platforms for single donations or subscriptions;


Get in touch with us to discuss how we can help build a solid online ecommerce platform for your business or organisation.

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