Some of our clients

Industry organizations

Primary Industry Capability Alliance, New Zealand

An industry organization for the strong New Zealand primary industry. They pick strong solution providers to match.

The organization has diverse objectives which include providing an information hub for member organizations and other interested parties, plus an information service to current and prospective workers within the industry.

Bespoke solutions include an events calendar with search engine and external submission forms, a comprehensive scholarship database with filters and search engine, order forms for industry posters for schools etc. And full mobile responsiveness, of course.

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Some of the 'Big boys'

Pitney Bowes Inc.

Pitney Bowes has relied on Makeweb ecommerce services for the past decade+

"Thanks ... I know I can always rely on you."
Management Accountant, Pitney Bowes Australia

For over 10 years Pitney Bowes has chosen Makeweb for providing their local online stores in countries in Europe, Africa and Asia Pacific. Pitney Bowes is a global powerhouse (market cap ~2.3B$) providing logistical data and postage solutions to businesses of all sizes. Our solutions include customer facing B2B e-commerce stores integrated with in-house ERP and CRM platforms.

Visit one of their stores

"...always good to have a safe anchor point like yourself and Makeweb behind us in our day to day online challenges. "
Nordic Webshop Manager, Pitney Bowes Norway

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Smaller Retail and B2B businesses

Quality Tools NZ

Quality Tools NZ is a leading online retail and B2B store, selling top lines of tools and equipment for the Auto industry in New Zealand.

With no bricks 'n mortar store but 10.000+ product codes Quality Tools NZ relies entirely on our trusted, high-volume and highly scalable e-commerce platform to ensure price competitiveness. The solution requires support for such bespoke features as Trade Accounts, custom application forms and finance calculators.

We work closely with Quality Tools NZ to ensure support for their ongoing success.

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