Fantastic value for money

Prices for website and online ecommerce shopping cart

Ecommerce Store

We set it all up for you. Just click Go.

Build cost²: $499 +GST

Transaction fee: 0%

Hosting etc.³: $75 monthly +GST

Ecommerce Store

Ecommerce Store Lite

You add your own products and information.

Build cost: $249 +GST

Transaction fee: 0%

Hosting etc.³: $75 monthly +GST

Ecommerce Store

A Beautiful Website

We build it, ready for launch.

Build cost¹: $599 +GST

Hosting etc.³: $40 monthly +GST

Your website can later be upgraded to a shopping cart without loosing any content.



What is the difference between Ecommerce Store and Ecommerce Store Lite? Essentially, with the Ecommerce Store we load everything onto the store and deliver it ready for launch - it is a complete solution. With the Ecommerce Store Lite we still build and design the store and configure the most basic settings, but we leave the rest to you including loading your products and images and web information pages.

¹ The suggested cost of $599 for a website is for a 'standard sized' website which typically consists of a front page, a contact page with interactive contact form, and 10-20 standard formatted content pages.

² The suggested cost of $995 for an ecommerce store is right for most businesses. However, if you have very large amounts of content to be added we may need to discuss individual terms.

³ The monthly cost covers hosting on our high-availability enterprise cloud servers in either NZ or Europe plus support, maintenance and regular version updates with new features and improvements etc.

Prices are in New Zealand Dollars and subject to GST for NZ clients.

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