Our structured project process

We employ a structured process for every project we develop. This approach ensures that each project meets our internal quality requirements.

Each project goes through these 6 phases:



Business requirements

Initial discussion of ideas, requirements and possibilities

To get things started we will sit down with you (in person or by phone) and we will listen. We will talk about your business, how you currently do things, and discuss how we can possibly improve your business with a smart software solution.

We will talk about e-commerce strategy, your business objectives, and solution requirements for achieving your objectives.

If we agree that there is scope for moving on, we will discuss in more detail how a better solution would actually work. We may need a couple of meetings to cover all details.




You provide us design files and requirements.


This phase may be really quick, especially if you are getting a wholesale or internal solution for which the cosmetic design of the website may not be very elaborate. Retail stores typically involve more focus on design and this phase may take longer.

We can provide graphic design as part of the project if you do not already have all the design assets that you need.



Project design

We work through the requirements and provide project proposal with ETA and quote.

Phases 1 and 2 are really important in that they will ensure that we capture all your requirements. Based on this we will draft a Statement of Work. This is the document which will form the basis of our contract with you. The document sets out in clear language what we expect to deliver, when, and at what terms. It will specify what is included in the project, and what is not included.

The Statement of Work will also specify the data (and format) which is required from you in order for us to begin the next phase (e.g. products, prices, images etc.).

The Statement of Work is signed off by you.




Our development team get their hands dirty.

This is the phase where we use our core commerce and web software engines to build your custom solution.

All your data will be imported into the database.

In this phase we will also setup and configure our server with your domain name and add various security layers.




Functional testing, quality assurance, sign-off.

Referring to the project specification, we will begin the testing and quality assurance phase where we ensure that the new site meets all your requirements. We will test the integrity of data and process flows to make sure everything is running smoothly.

We will then hand over to you for functional testing and sign-off. It is quite possible that actually trying out the solution online gives you new ideas to additional features or functionality. We can scope out any change requests in a project amendment (with amended time-line) and go back to the development phase.




Time to celebrate. Your new software solution goes live!

We are now in 'production' phase where your new site goes live. It is now time to invite your customers inside.

If you are running a retail or B2B e-commerce store, now is the time to launch your marketing campaigns.

From now on, you will continue to improve your site by adding and updating products, images, campaigns, YouTube videos and other content. And we are of course here to help you with any of this. Refer to our service and maintenance packages for information on how you can save money on your ongoing content updates.




The project has been delivered, but our work doesn't stop there.

Behind the scenes, your site will continue to evolve with regular version updates to the underlying software platform. Ongoing improvements include performance, security, usability and new innovative features. This ensures that your site always stays at the forefront of technology. It's all part of the package when you choose Makeweb.


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