Guidelines for professional services

Guidelines for services

Since services are charged in 15 minute blocks you can quickly save yourself money by following some basic guidelines and helpful tips to ensure that we can get straight to work without having to do unnecessary work.


Make sure you provide exact instructions for what content you want where. Highlight things like positioning (relative to other content). Keep the instructions simple and easy to understand. Eliminate confusions before they occur. Less is more.


Make sure you have proofed your text before submitting it so you don't have to ask us to update it twice. Avoid going over board with fancy formatting. Keeping it simple works best online and also saves us time reproducing the formatting online.


Make sure that images are cropped as needed, sized correctly, and saved in correct format (.png, .jpg). We are of course happy to do this for you if you prefer.

Product files

Before you prepare spreadsheets with products for us to add, make sure you consult with us on format requirements.

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