Enterprise ecommerce

Enterprise ecommerce

Enterprise ecommerce

Our Enterprise solutions are for businesses with unique requirements. Custom built with options for systems integration, single sign-on, and other bespoke features.

With an enterprise solution we become your partner in ecommerce. Throughout 20 countries businesses have partnered with Makeweb as a trusted provider of enterprise level ecommerce solutions.

Even other ecommerce providers have chosen Makeweb for providing the platform for their own online stores!

We work closely with our enterprise clients on such things as strategy planning, ongoing custom development, content management and fully managed webshop solutions.

Since 2006 we have developed bespoke ecommerce solutions to meet the demanding requirements of our progressive clients and we are putting this experience at your service.

Call us today for an initial discussion of how we can support your online business in the future.



Pitney Bowes has relied on Makeweb ecommerce services for the past decade+

- For over 10 years Pitney Bowes has chosen Makeweb for providing their local online stores in countries in Europe, Africa and Asia Pacific

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This is what they say:

"...always good to have a safe anchor point like yourself and Makeweb behind us in our day to day online challenges. "
Nordic Webshop Manager, Pitney Bowes Norway

"Thanks ... I know I can always rely on you."
Management Accountant, Pitney Bowes Australia

Enterprise ecommerce by makeweb.co.nz



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