Business automation through web ordering

Adapting your business to accommodate web ordering through a drive-to-web strategy will lead to resource optimisations and improved efficiencies such as shorter delivery times, shorter in-stock times, fewer errors and returns - all of which results in cost savings.

For your customers it will increase awareness of your entire catalogue, provide better product information and real-time inventory status.

a drive-to-web strategy will lead to resource optimisations

The focus of a drive-to-web strategy is on converting manual orders to web orders, thereby freeing up time and reducing errors. Manual orders are considered not-in-person orders such as orders received via phone, email or fax.

A secured B2B platform could be extended to provide retail style e-commerce for standard products, either to attract new contract customers or as an extension of established channels.

Invest in Digital

Drive to Web is an investment in the future. A future where online automation and self-service is deeply integrated into all business processes.

Drive to Web is about re-engineering business processes to maximise efficiencies to the benefit of you and your clients. It is not just about short term return on investment but about preparing your business for the future.

A future that is not far away. For some businesses it is already here.


A digital commerce system could be built in stages:

You start with a stand-alone platform which facilitates automation of the ordering process through self-service.

Stage two could see systems integration in-house ERP and CRM systems for order data, customer data, product/price data etc.

The next stage could be to expand the platform to support secured, distributed order registration for your sales reps.  This would be ideal for businesses with travelling sales reps, or to ensure continuity planning for working from home. This would also have the potential to dramatically reduce training times, reduce errors and ensure operability through DR scenarios.

automation through self-service and integration

Digital commerce is achieved through integration between your data sources, your business, and your customers.


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