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B2B web ordering

Automating your business through web ordering will lead to resource optimisations and improved efficiencies such as shorter delivery times, shorter in-stock times, fewer errors and returns - all of which results in cost savings.

We help businesses automate the ordering process through self-service digital web ordering portals.

Business automation through web ordering


Retail e-commerce

Consumers are on the move and commerce is going digital and global. Consumers compare prices and terms in an instant and make quick purchasing decisions.

Retailers must be there or lose out. We build the web store solutions that define the winners.

Retail e-commerce

We are a Kiwi software company focused on efficiency, cost-effectiveness and timely delivery.

We design efficient e-commerce solutions based on what's required to achieve our client's online strategy, not based on the size of their business. We work to understand your business and help design how best to integrate an online solution into how your business works.

We work with local sole traders and multi-national corporates.


Retail and B2B

An online store is an extension of your business. It provides an efficient way to manage account customers. Flexible pricing, monthly reporting and other custom features. Whatever your specific requirements, we can build the solution that will allow you to handle both retail and contract customers in a single integration platform.

Wholesale and distribution

We build dedicated solutions for wholesale and distributor web ordering. A secure cloud-based ordering platform where you can present client specific products and prices. A real-time self-service web ordering platform gives your clients 24/7 access to ordering from you. Web ordering reduces errors and saves time.

Your online success depends on building and implementing a good e-commerce business plan. Random won't do it. We can help you evaluate your e-commerce readiness and advise on how to formulate a thorough and functional e-commerce strategy.

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